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Buying a House
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We are proud to announce that we are now offering financing through our partners with US Bank Avvance(TM). 


Financing will be available depending upon credit approval for projects ranging in price from $300-$25,000. 

See out FAQ's below for more details!

Fiancing FAQ's

Financing FAQ's

Do you offer financing?

“We do! We use U.S. Bank Avvance™, a flexible financing option to help you finance purchases, so you can pay over time.”

What is Avvance?

“Avvance is an installment loan solution to help you finance purchases by breaking them up into smaller payments over time. You apply quickly and easily from your device and you’ll get an instant decision. If approved, you’ll see qualied installment loan options provided by U.S. Bank before any impact to your credit score and you get to choose the option that works best for you.”

What are Avvance installment loans?

“Avvance is an installment loan solution that allows you to break up your purchase into smaller monthly payments over a set period of time. With Avvance you fill out the application and you’ll get an instant decision. If approved, you can choose from qualified installment loan options and choose the one that works best for you. Then you pay off your purchase with monthly installment payments.”

How does it work?

“When you receive your invoice, after clicking ‘pay invoice’ you’ll see the payment methods we accept. If you choose nancing with Avvance, you’ll be asked several questions and receive an instant decision. If approved, you’ll see the installment loan options you qualify for and can choose the best option for you.”

Will this impact my credit score?

“Applying for Avvance to see loan options you qualify for will not impact your credit score. If you are approved and proceed with an Avvance installment loan, you may have impact to your credit score depending on the purchase amount and loan option you choose.” 

How long does the application take? 

“The application is simple and should only take a few minutes. Once you submit the application, you'll get an instant decision. If you're not approved. we do accept other forms of payment.”

How do I manage payments? Do I send payments to you?

“If you’re approved, Avvance will send you instructions on how to manage your installment loan payments — you can also setup automatic payments to withdraw every month so you don’t have to manage payments manually.”

Reach out to us TODAY for more information.

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